1. First-Time Homebuyer Program – We offer total marketing packages from design to lead capture. We have a proven marketing strategy combining unique imagery with a  compelling message blasted through pay-per-click, Google and complete retargeting for a lasting and far reaching campaign.

2. Community Launch or Close Out – With over 40+ years experience, we can help you successfully launch or close out a community. We offer discounted fees to sell inventory homes which include virtual staging, night lighting, Matterport and drones, where appropriate.

3. Concierge Customer Experience – Over the years of longer build times and the ever-shifting market, we’ve found our Concierge department invaluable. Introduced at contract, our “Ritz Carlton” like experience is communicated weekly on the builder’s behalf. Our goal is not only a thoroughly delighted buyer, but a “raving fan”, willing to provide a testimonial and refer a friend!

4. Market Shopping & Customer Surveys – We have online and neighbor surveys that provide insightful information.  We custom design surveys through social media and interview sales agents nationwide bi-annually to stay ahead of the shifting market.

5. Largest Nationwide Affiliation with the National Homebuilders Association – Covering 21 MSAs, we have a broader reach than any competitor. We are on more sales and marketing committees and sponsor more events over the past four decades than all our competitors combined.

6. Comprehensive Marketing – We can provide landing pages, social media, print and all digital advertising.

7. Nationwide Model Home Lease-Back Program

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