"Steve is an invaluable human being! Steve has helped us grow in 7 circles of our lives. He's inspired us to push our goals outside of our limiting beliefs and influenced us on how to properly run a profitable business. Steve has also taught us invaluable knowledge from his personal experience and broken down systems to be dublicable for our own advantage. Steve is a great asset, coach, mentor, and I look forward to being involved with him in his incredible journey". - George J. Chacon

"Steve Rider is an amazing enthusiastic real estate coach! He shares his knowledge, advice, and constructive review of my work. Steve provides assignments that helps develop my skills and abilities to be more successful in this ever-changing field of real estate. His charming stories and roll playing scenarios are vital to seeing the entire picture. I highly recommend Steve Rider as your coach. Personally, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful person!"

- Julie Pence

"Steve is an extremely knowledgeable coach! His wisdom and experience shine through all his conversations. He also has a great ability for communicating as a coach in a language all can comprehend. Steve has a true desire to help others reach their goals. I highly recommend Steve as a coach!" - Michael Barbino

"Fantastic! Immense knowledge, personable, thorough, encouraging - Steve is excellent at explaining and creating interest and excitement in the program! I can't wait to start!"

- Laura Sharpe

"Our team LOVES Steve's coaching. He is always there for us and helps us to work through any issues or concerns we may have. As busy as Steve is, he is always willing to give his time and knowledge to us.
Thank you for being such a great mentor!"

- Natalie Sweet

"Love the calls! The skills we are learning are incredible!"

- Richard Peterson

 "Steve role plays scripts to make me comfortable with dealing with Clients and Customers, and then puts together a plan to help me focus on what needs to be done, both with the Builders and their Agents, as well as the existing market. Along with Steve comes a team of people that all want to help me succeed. One thing that Steve believes in very seriously is Technology and how it affects Real Estate, and the role it plays in everyone's success. Steve and his team are always looking for ways to keep you on top of your market. I am so thankful to be working with Steve and everyone at the Builder Trader In program".

- Tim Dold

"Steve Rider is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met in my life. He’s intelligent, genuine and a true go giver. He is consistently a good human being and congruent with all values. I’ve seen him react to different situations and he always responds with class and a solution based mind set. He’s inspired me to not only succeed in life. But to truly live. As a business owner and Leader, he’s uplifting. Caring and very giving".

- Sofia Chacon

"Steve is a great coach who always has great ideas/input into the specific situations me and my team deal with. Would highly recommend getting into business with him". - David Rusaw

"Steve is amazing and brilliant. He's more than a visionary, he makes it happen! I love working with Steve. He will help you bring your business to the next level and beyond! I recommend Steve to everyone!" - Cesi Pagano

"Steve has consistently motivated and challenged me to take my business to the next level. Having his expertise combined with his strong accountablilty has been integral in pushing my business forward".

- Michael Johnson

"Steve has a vision - for his life and for his business that is built on is a fantastic coach, mentor and advocate".

- Jenny Linich