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  • Building Bridges Between Builders and Brokers – Interactive course, seminar and panel done over a one day period. Realtors and Builders learn best practices and how to help each other make more money.

  • Instant Value and Trade In Training – We have a proprietary value site that is 98% accurate, has a  homeowner edit and upgrade feature… Just enter the address. In today’s complex market, your #1 goal  for your “Sales Team” is to sell new homes. We teach and share the latest scripts needed to sell homes in a shifting market. Your agents are invited to “shadow us” on appointments!

  • We provide weekly newsletters with national Real Estate and new home information.

  • Insights through our Exclusive Agreement with NextDoor - Keller Williams has an exclusive agreement with NextDoor nationwide and can provide builders with Neighborhood Insights… FREE




Quantum Leap In Sales

  • New Home Training – Via MAPS Group Coaching, we offer comprehensive training on how to market, sell and lead generate to new home buyers. We currently have over 1,700 New Home Ambassadors nationwide reaching over 3 million database members monthly!

  • Tour & Learn Bus Tours – Offered monthly in all 21 MSAs across the United States, we are committed to teach agents how to market and sell new homes.

  • FACT: According to NAR and BDX Homebuyer Surveys, 98% of all home purchases are done through a Realtor.

  • “Shift Training”– Keller Williams wrote the bible on how to “bulletproof” your transactions in a shifting market. We are now experiencing a “Shift” and will be for the next few years… Are you ready? We are…  and we’re here to HELP!

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Construction Workers


Created specifically for builders to stay updated with the latest market news and promote & encourage prosperous builder relationships. Click the link below to learn more.

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1. Facebook AI Bot – Be among the industry’s first to have a Bot help you buy a new home, resale home or get a FREE “INSTANT” Home Value. The difference in our proprietary algorithms, is you only have to enter your address. From there, you can easily enhance your value if you have incorrect information or  have made some recent upgrades. You can also solicit an offer or “Safety Net” value from up to 5 iBuyers, close and pick your moving date.

2. Builder Reputation Management – Protect reputation and respond instantly through our exclusive AI Bot.

3. Custom Builder CMA Landing Pages – Today’s market has quickly evolved to an “instant info” age. Let us show you how to capture buyer information and  more…

4. Virtual Staging – With our in-house photography team, we provide photos, virtual tours, virtual staging, night lighting, drone and Matterport when  needed… 7 days a week.

5. Custom Builder CRM – 7 days per week, 24-hour support offering call numbers, Mojo Dialer, Experian, social media data collection and many other tools to help sales counselors immediately have the information needed to build solid relationships and convert sales.





1. FIRST-TIME HOMEBUYER PROGRAM – We offer total marketing packages from design to lead capture. We have a proven marketing strategy combining unique imagery with a  compelling message blasted through pay-per-click, Google and complete retargeting for a lasting and far reaching campaign.

2. COMMUNITY LAUNCH OR CLOSE OUT – With over 40+ years experience, we can help you successfully launch or close out a community. We offer discounted fees to sell inventory homes which include virtual staging, night lighting, Matterport and drones, where appropriate.

3. CONCIERGE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Over the years of longer build times and the ever-shifting market, we’ve found our Concierge department invaluable. Introduced at contract, our “Ritz Carlton” like experience is communicated weekly on the builder’s behalf. Our goal is not only a thoroughly delighted buyer, but a “raving fan”, willing to provide a testimonial and refer a friend!

4. MARKET SHOPPING & CUSTOMER SURVEYS – We have online and neighbor surveys that provide insightful information.  We custom design surveys through social media and interview sales agents nationwide bi-annually to stay ahead of the shifting market.

5. LARGEST NATIONWIDE AFFILIATION WITH THE NATIONAL HOMEBUILDERS ASSOCIATION – Covering 21 MSAs, we have a broader reach than any competitor. We are on more sales and marketing committees and sponsor more events over the past four decades than all our competitors combined.

6. COMPREHENSIVE MARKETING – We can provide landing pages, social media, print and all digital advertising.


Our investor pool will buy your model freeing up your cash flow, and lease them back to you until you sell out. A great way to free up cash for builders.