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Step 1


Using your cell phone, take and upload your picture then tell us your color preferences, take our style quiz, or ask our Designers for their recommendations

Step 2


Our Designers will create 3-5 initial designs based on your color preferences, then work with you online to create more designs until you find the one you love

Step 3

PAINT WITH Confidence

We’ll help you find the nearest retail store, or have swatches sent right to your door.  When completed, your home will look just like the design you love

EXAMPLE  Design Boards

Design  1

Benjamin Moore’s Color –  2136-40 “Aegean Teal

Design  2

Benjamin Moore’s Color –  CW-370  “Sweeney Yellow”

Design  3

Design  4

Benjamin Moore’s Color –  CW-500 “Nicolson Green”

Benjamin Moore’s Color –  CW-720 “Geddy Gray”

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Let's Get Started! Using your cell phone, take and upload your photo today.
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Thanks for Submitting!, We Will Text You the Photos in 72 Hours.

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